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Argentina footballWhen the British came to Argentina in 1900 to begin the construction of railroads, they brought with them the game of football. (In America it is known as soccer) During the brief years of building the railroads here, the favorite past time of the workers became football. England taught Argentina how to play. This game soon spread throughout all of South American and now it is clearly still the favorite past time of most men.

Never underestimate the power of football in Buenos Aires. If you get the chance to go to a La Boca Football game while in town, you will never forget it. People have been known to die at these games due to excitement. Many people stand up the entire time and cheer the entire time. And that means even through half time.

Football is more than a passion in Argentina. It is a religion. Currently, Argentina is playing the world cup. And while the game is being played, everything is as silent as a mouse in the city. Except when a goal is scored by Argentina. Then you will hear screams of ecstasy from every direction. A chilling sound. And it’s mostly from women.


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