What’s The Best Restaurant In Buenos Aires?

The best restaurant in Buenos Aires is Cabaña Las Lilas located in Puerto Madero.

Obviously is it almost impossible to narrow this down. But if I had to, for a tourist, this would be my top pick. And here is why.

Cabana Las Lilas certainly has the best service in Buenos Aires. There is no comparison to it. You can expect about 8 waiters to cater to your every need. They pounce on you from the start. There is a bread man, a water man, a wine man, and a menu man, a dessert women, on and on and on.

Befe-De-ChorizoThis Buenos Aires restaurant also grows it’s own beef in a farm outside the city in the La Pampas. It has one of the best reputations for serving up Argentina beef. As always, I recommend the befe de Chorizo. Not the healthiest cut of meat, but certainly the tastiest. Comes with the fat. Which is how they cook meat here.

Even the potato is excellent. The wine menu is more like a book and you will need to ask the wine guy for some help. Always go for a Malbec from Mendoza. 2003 seems to be the best year right now.
Ambiance. Cabana Las Lias is located in the recently revamped Puerto Modero disctrict and you can eat outside looking at the old port and the Buenos Aires Yacht Club. Even in the winter, it is heated outdoors.

Cost: Well, it’s expensive. But you wanted the best Buenos Aires restaurant right? Now you are going to pay for it. If I recall correctly, there was a table charge of 10 pesos per person. This is unusually high. But most everything at Cabana Las Lias is. The befe de Chorizo is 51 pesos. In perspective, you can get the same dish at another favorite local restaurant for 21pesos.

The wine avilable here is staggering in diversity and price. I saw a few bottles for the price of my monthly rent. I brought in my own bottle of wine, and it created a stir. They uncorked it for 40 pesos. Also a little pricey. And close to insulting.

But remember it is the best restaurant in Buenos Aires. Everything about it is delightful, except for the price.

So how much was it? About 150 pesos per person. Which is $50USD. And I must say, it is going to to hard to find a restaurant as good as this in the United States for only $50 dollars. So a bargain for a tourist, an insult for a local. But a wonderful time for sure.

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