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Every city in the world has it’s own culture or lack there of. Reasons for that usually stem from history or climate or events. Some places are truely rich in culture and others are just following trends.

The cultures of a country is hard to nail down, and much easier to understand if compared to other countires. Such as Argentina vs. English speaking countires.

Argentina CultureCulure is about people. And in general the people of Argentina are friendly. Why? Because they don’t run the world and life is more simply. Family is king. And Sundays are spent with loved ones. Traditional values are important. With roles of men and women clearly defined. It often reminds me of the US in the 1950’s. Even the haircuts are similar.

The class system is important. Most of the political conficts in the last 70 years have been about which class gets to spend and run the countires wealth. There have been disasters from both sides.

Sports are important for national pride. With very little to celebrate on a patrioctic level, sports have become the national pride.

People are conservative. From money to ideas to sex to families. Poverty will do that, as well as a distrust in governement.

Lving here and visiting are vastly different. But I can tell you that most people did not visit until the peso was serioulsy devauled in 2001. Before that, it was expensive to visit. Now, the world is pouring in. Which is a good thing overall.

Some cultural icons are Mate mugs, Tango, the dog walkers, Patagonia, beautiful people, football (soccer), and Iguazu Falls. Also Argentina wine and meat.

Argentina is one of the most undiscovered countries in the world. Largely due to bad publicity and being very expensive up until now. But Argentina has every type of natural wonder on the planet, as well as friendly people and a fascinating take on life.

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  1. 1 mindyhardwick July 30, 2006 at 3:28 pm

    Hi Tom Wick,

    I loved reading your blog, and your tours are fabulous. Can you tell me a bit about stories and legends in the B.A. culture? Do they have a fabulous ghost story like the Lochness monster? Gracious.


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