Happy Independence Day Argentina!!

Today is one of 2 independence days for the country of Argentina.

Argentina flag, independence day

On July 9th in 1816, delagates from the Argentina territorys congragated in Buenos Aires at the Cabildo and officially became a seperate country.

The first independence day in Argentina is May25 1810. On that day, Argentina declared it’s indepence from Spain. However it took a little over 6 years to fight for the cause. And after a long 6 years of internal difficulties as well as battles at land and sea with Spain, Argentina finally won her independence and became an independent country.

Today is Buenos Aires, and all over Argentina, everyone will be watching to world cup, and wishing that Argentina had lasted. It would have made for a fantastic celebration. Maybe next time.

But there will be marches along Ave de Mayo in the usual form around noon. However much of the celebration will hault during the World Cup Final. And as always, Sundays are spent with loved ones and family members in a quiet fashion with a little Melbec, Mate, and of course Asado.

More about Argentina History.


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