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Tango Tours in Beunos Aires Argentina from tango-history-tours.comWell, Tango Tours is the name of this blog domaine at wordpress.com and I have only mentioned Tango and Tours a little bit so far. It’s time to elaborate.

Tango is a cultural dance enjoyed all over the world. It has had it’s rise and fall in popularity. One of the most interesting things about Tango is how it got started. European immigrants flooded the city in the early 1900’s and many were without women. The ratio of men to women back than was 10 to 1. And now, it’s almost the opposite. (But that’s another post altogether.) Men went to brothels at night and waited for a woman to become available and the owners began to hire musicians to perform so the patrons would stay and drink longer. The men danced and drank with eachother and began a new dance. No one every thought it would become a cultrual icon. Thus the origins of Tango. Click here for more about the history of Tango.

Well everyone I give tango tours to always says the same thing. “We took tango lessons back home but it’s totally different here.” And this is for several reasons. It’s a totally different culture here and the teaching methods are different too. Argentino Tango, the real tango, is filled with improvisation of traditional steps but because it is by nature an improve dance, it is constantly evolving. So when you learn it back home, you are learning traditional steps in a traditional teaching format. But here, you are touching the very history of Argentina as well as the vibrant present, and diving into a cherished religion that is transforming daily.

However, there was actually a time when tango was illegal in Buenos Aires. And there was a long period when it was almost completely abandoned. It was only in the last 20 years that the country found joy in it’s number 2 export. Tango. And it is completely appreciated now. In fact there are over 100 tango shows each night in Buenos Aires. Finding a tango lesson is an even more daunting situation due to constant changing schedules, the need for an English speaking teacher or interpreter, and a teacher who is willing to deal with a novice. I have been with several teachers who laughed at me and my lack of skills. That is not the experience you want as a tourist.

All of this leads to one obvious conclusion as a visitor. You need a guide. And I have to admit that the Day of Tango Tour is the most satisfying tour for all involved. It covers most of the city with a focus on tango and includes a tango lesson, tango show, tango history, tango shopping as well as city highlights. It’s the best of everything and everyone always enjoys it. Even me.

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There are a wide variety of tango tours offered in Buenos Aires. Some are as long as 10 days while others like mine are 10 hours. There are hotels with tango themes that have a tango floor in each room. Some bed and breakfast tango lodgeing is available also with a lesson each morning. The options are endless. But for most people who visit, a couple of lessons, a couple of shows, some good history and highlights, and a good time about it all is what makes for a nice vacation.

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