Driving in Buenos Aires and Argentina

Buenos Aires trafficWhen you are driving in Buenos Aires and Argentina you must always be extremely cautious for several reasons. If you have ever been to Italy, then you have some idea of how they drive in Argentina. It’s fast, aggressive and hectic everywhere from the city to the country.

Buenos Aires driving is aggressive. The streets are very narrow, there are always buses that pull out in front on you at any second, and then stop abruptly at any second. Taxi drivers can be dangerous too. Many of them are speed demons. The speed limits in the city are almost never enforced.  Basically, it’s total chaos about 14 hours of the day. Rush hour begins at 8am and ends at 8pm. Not to mention the impromptu protesting that can tie of the center of the city for most of the day.

My advice is always leave the driving in Buenos  Aires up to the professionals. However if you think you are a good driver, and want to test your skills, Buenos Aires will give you a thrill.

Driving in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires drivingDriving outside the city is also very dangerous. Many of the main highways are 2 lane roads and you will have to constantly pass large trucks by entering into the opposite lane. This can really get tiresome after about 6 hours. Plus many people in the local townships use these 2 lanes for riding their bikes or walking. So you have to always be cautious of hitting people. Especially at night.

People drive very fast in Argentina all over the country. They  have a history of producing excellent race car drivers. Be careful driving in Buenos Aires and Argentina. But enjoy the thrill.


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