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Argentina economy, argentina constructionThe current economy in Argentina is surpassing expectations and growth in many sectors continues to rise at a steady and healthy rate. The Argentina economy is the highest developed economy in Spanish speaking Latin America and business is currently robust in automobile building, new construction, and tobacco.

“The number is striking. We are not China, but growth is very strong,” said Rafael Ber, analyst at Argentine Research consultancy. “Everyone minimizes the rebound in domestic demand. But in cars and construction, it is higher than expected.” – The Foreign Ministry said.

Over the last 100 years, Argentina’s economical performance has been unstable at best and has often been a roller coaster ride out of control. In 1901, they were one of the richest nations on the planet. In 2001, one of the poorest.

But things are heading in the right direction with a focus on domestic production and self sufficiency. The 2nd best in the world at this, the first being Cuba. (Who Argentina adores.)

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