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Argentina waterIs Argentina water safe to drink? Yes it is. Do you need to buy bottled water? No you don’t. Is tap water in Buenos Aires Argentina safe? Yes it is. Do I need to boil water first? No you don’t.

When I first arrived in Argentina, I boiled the water for everything because my friends who were Argentine, told me to do it. However I became friends with a ambassador for Argentina and he explained to me that the water is indeed safe to drink. In fact, it’s excellent.

Many years ago, Argentina contracted a French company to purify the water. They did so and did a fine job. Recently, Argentina fired that French company after some contractual issues. In any case, Argentina does have god drinking water. In fact they have lots of water.

If you go camping in Patagonia, they locals will tell you that you can drink from the lakes and streams and rivers without any purification. I have not done this but they do it all the time.

Buenos Aires is located on a large river. It’s very muddy of course but there is plenty of water.

In my apartment, the pipes leak and there is a substantial amount of running water all day and night. My landlord tells me that there is nothing to worry about, water comes cheap here. Almost free. Back home, if I had a water leak, it would cost me hundreds. But here, let the water run.

There is a joke among people here that President Bush will one day invade Argentina to steal the water. It’s the only thing they have plenty of and that is good.


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  1. 1 mindyhardwick September 8, 2006 at 3:31 pm

    My neighbor waters his lawn obsessively. Perhaps he should move to Argentina.


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