10 Things To Know Before Getting Into A Buenos Aires Taxi Cab

Buenos Aires Taxi Cabs

Buenos Aires Taxi Cabs


Here are some things everyone should know before hailing or taking Buenos Aires taxi cabs.

1. Buenos Aires cab drivers don’t speak English. Well, maybe 2 or 3 of them but most of those are only driving a taxi part time when they are not busy translating or working at a call center.

2. You never ever need to tip a Buenos Aires Taxi driver. EVER!!!!They may kinda think you might, cause you are from out of town and all, and they know that in your hometown, you do tip, unless you are cheap everywhere, and they may kinda give you the shy eye, or run aroud the car and stuff, but there is no need ot feel bad about not tipping. Enjoy the fact that in Buenos Aires, you simply don’t have to tip for a taxi ride.

3. Buenos Aires taxi drivers are renouwn for taking the long way from La Boca or Caminito. If you take a taxi there, or back, expect a long ride and to be shown the bad neighborhods. 50% of the time. They do this mostly for a kick.

4. Once I was asked to get out of a taxi because the driver did not want to sit in traffic.

5. From 6pm to 8pm, finding a Taxi is going to be difficult. You must be aggressive.

6. The official Buenos Aires taxi cabs are Radio Taxis and are licensed by the city. . There are ton of fruads. You won’t know until the Taxi stops, and you look inside and see the license hanging from the dash or seat. Even then, it can easily be a fake. The city rarely checks on all this, and just it allows it to go on. Ususally, you will be fine even if the taxi is not legally licensed. It is almost impossible to tell, and does not really make a difference.

7. Overall the price of Buenos Aires taxi cabs are cheap. From one end of the city to the other is about 15 pesos. If you are stopped in traffic, you are still charged for the time.

8. Driving a taxi in Buenos Aires is no easy job. Traffic is nuts. It’s constant and the buses make driving difficult for everyone. It’s one of the hardest jobs in the city. Period. 50% of the time, your driver is going to be a little crazy.

9. Everytime you get into a taxi in Buenos Aires, it’s like playing the lottery. If you don’t pronounce streets very well, then write the address down and show it to the driver. Always be prepared to do so. Avoid talking with them if you don’t speak Spanish. There has been known to be some anger toward English speakers. Surely do to too much talk radio about politics.

10. Never ever, ever take a taxi from the airport. Always take the shuttle, or go to the big white taxi stand in the MIDDLE of the terminal, and prebuy your ticket into the city. 52pesos. The taxi you will be escorted to will be white. Avoid taking the Radio taxis (black and yellow) from the airport. They are historic for robbing people. IT’s not the way you want to start your trip to the land of Tango.



And always use common sense in Buenos Aires taxi cabs. If you feel uncomfortable in one, then you ask to get out.


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