Buenos Aires Pictures

Buenos Aires Pictures

Casa Rosada

Buenos Aires picture taking tips:

Enjoy these Buenos Aires pictures and some picture taking tips. Many of these were taken on the Buenos Aires tours like the daily Buenos Aires city tour and the Tango history and city tours.

There is a tremendous amount of things to see in this unique city but camera batteries can be expenisve and often difficult to find. Make sure you bring extra ones.

Tip: There are plenty of cyber cafes (locotorios) that you can download your pictures with and they are very inexpensive. Discs are about 1 peso each. To use a computer in a cyber cafe is about 1 peso per hour.

Tip: The best time to take good photographs is in the afternoon when the shadows are the smallest.

Tip: Taking great pictures in the city can be difficult due to the amount of poles in the way. It is a joke among tourists as to how many poles per picture.

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