La Pampa Argentina

La Pampa Argentina

Argentina tour La Pampa Province And A La Pampa Argentina Tour

The province of La Pamapa Argentina is rich in Argentina history and tradition. For it was there that Argentina beef became famous and it was the agriculture of La Pampa that drove the boom of Argentina in the early 1900´s and made it one of the richest nations in the world. The two most famous things to come from La Pampa are the Goucho (or Argentina cowboy) and Asado, which is slow grilled beef or barbecue.

How to get to La Pampa Province from Buenos Aires.

By bus – Just a short jaunt from Buenos Aires, there are many bus companies that offer service. The time is about 3 hours and the cost is about 50 pesos one way for a high quality ride.

By plane – It is possible to fly into La Pampa to Santa Rosa or Rio Cuarto on small planes. The fee is about $100 USD round trip and it takes about 45 minutes.

By car – Driving to the Pampas is often the preferred method of travel due to the area being so spread out and so close to Buenos Aires. The travel time is about 2 – 4 hours.

What to do in La Pampa Argentina

Luro Park – Located 35 km away from Santa Rosa, Luro Park consists of 3 different environments; the Lake area, the low mountain area and the ‘medanos’, or the meadows. The 3 combine to create a wonderful natural habitat for animal life. The Park is completely enclosed, surrounded by a wire fence. Pedro Luro bought the land at the trun of the century with the purpose of making a self-enclosed hunting area or a “coto”, just like the ones he saw from his trips to Europe.

La Pampa Ranch – While in La Pampa, it is best to stay at a local ranch to better become acquainted with Argentina’s countryside and all its rich gaucho traditions. At a ranch, visitors are invited to ride horses, witness gaucho’s skills, enjoy argentine’s famous beef (asado, where most of the animals organs get cooked) and have the same landowners as companions. Ranches can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 20 people and are usually very spacious. Their main purpose could be cattle breeding or agriculture. The Goucho ranch is a fantastic Argentina tour.


Lithuel Calel National Park. – This park is about 300 km south of Luro Park. It was created in 1977. The name Lihuel Calel is native for “mountain of life”. There is a tremendous amount of wildlife in this park and from 1986 – 1989 the USA performed a very comprehensive study.

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