Mendoza Argentina

Mendoza Argentina

Mendoza Argentina MENDOZA

Mendoza Argentina is wine country. Situated near the Andes Mountains the city is a picturesque environment with lots of outdoor activity to enjoy. Skiing is famous in this area as well as wine production. The area is populated by 1,500,000 people although it often feels like a small town.

How to get there from Buenos Aires

By bus – There are many bus companies that travel to Mendoza from Buenos Aires. The cost one way is a little less than 100 pesos for a comfortable ride. Nonstop is available and will take about 8 hours.

By car – An excellent car trip. Driving to Mendoza takes about 9 hours and on the route you can pass through the city of Cordoba and the deserts of the North of Argentina.

By plane – an easy two-hour trip from Buenos Aires. Cost is about $200 USD round trip.

What to do in Mendoza Argentina

Downtown Mendoza – Mendoza was under the rule of the Inca Empire during the 1600´s, then the Peru viceroyalty controlled it, finally it became part of Argentina in the 1800’s. And the result is a vibrant and interesting as well as beautiful downtown with diverse architecture and sense of culture and history. There are great water canals and fantastic parks throughout downtown Mendoza. Plenty of wonderful restaurants and shopping as well as hotels and hostels can be found. Also popular are the many wonderful museums of history and culture in Mendoza Argentina.

Mendoza outdoor activities at Atuel Canyon– There are so many to choose from. Outdoor Mendoza activities include rafting, kayaking, skiing, horseback riding, windsurfing, parachuting, and cave exploration. A half hour drive from San Rafael will lead to incredible outdoor beauty. Atuel Canyon and Nihuil Dam. Clear waters, and diverse shapes surround this region. The Atuel river is born at 4,000 mts above sea level at Las lenas, descending all the way to Nihuil Lake where a dam holds the water to form an artificial lake of about 9600 has: the perfect place for those looking for outdoor activity. Rafting, douqui and cataraf. Also, the walls of the Canyon born at the lap of Nihuil lake, are used to do rappel and perform climbing activity. Those looking for a quieter time can choose trekking trips or horse riding journeys through the valleys of the Canyon. Picture lovers can take ‘picture taking safaris’ On the lake, it is common to see windsurfers, jet skis and enthusiasts of water ski. There is also parachuting and wing flying as well.

Wine tasting in Mendoza Argentina – There are a number of large wine makers in the Mendoza region and it is possible to tour the vineyards and same the crop within a short drive from the downtown.

Aconcagua State Park – High in the Andes mountains is the Aconl, the largest mountain in the Americas and the second highest in the world. About 250 km outside of Mendoza is an amazing trip through the mountains reaching Las Cuevas, Portrerillos, Uspallata and Puente del Inca. Puente del Inca holds old Inca ruins and natural hot springs.

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