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Tierra Del Fuego, great for Argentina camping and adventure.

Argentina camping TIERRA del FUEGO, Argentina camping and adventure at it’s best

The land was discovered in 1520 by conquistador Hernando de Magallanes while he was looking for a path that would connect the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean. Tierra del Fuego means “land of fire” although really this land is of ice and mountains. The southern most province of Argentina is Tierra del Fuego and the southernmost city in the world is Ushuaia. In this region there are many things to see and explore and is most famous for Argentina camping.

Getting there from Buenos Aires Argentina

By Bus – It is possible to get to the end of the world from Buenos Aires by bus although the ride takes about 5 days.

By Car – It is possible to drive from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego. If you attempt this you will surely find adventure and fantastic camping along the way. On your way down you will pass through Commodore Rividavia and see the oceanic wildlife. Endless mountains will accompany on your 3 day of the trip.

By Plane – certainly the most time efficient method of travel. It is possible to fly into Ushuaia and go from there. The air times takes 5 hours and the cost is about $350 USD roundtrip.

What to do in the Argentina province of Tierra Del Fuego.

The Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino sightseeing train was built for comfort and viewing pleasure. The train runs the route of the old “convict train” when prisoners were once banished to this island. It is a steam engine train and offers panoramic views of snow-covered mountains. The train trip lasts 2 hours and from Oct – Mar it leaves at 8:30am 4 times a day just a few miles from the center of Ushuaia.

Tierra Del Fuego State Park – A subantartic forest covers the region up to 600 mts above sea level. There are plenty of rabbits and the fauna is similar to the rest of the island but much more abundant. It is recommended a walk to the “black or dark” lake where dark waters have a mirror-like effect and where today rabbits have become a plague after having been introduced in the 40’s from Europe. Excellent Argentina camping is available here if the weather is decent. Tents are available to rent and make sure to bring warm shoes and extra socks. There are facilities and showers and a forest guard.

Fagnano Lake – Fagnano Lake is about 100 km long. It ends in the “Estrecho de Magallanes” and it is the 6th biggest lake in the world. Although winds can get very strong it is considered excellent for fishing as well as camping.

Ushuaia – , capital of Tierra del Fuego, has seen explosive growth in recent years due to Federal programs for development. In 1970 there were only 5,000 habs. Today 30,000. Visits to local ranches can be arranged, where there is usually a very friendly environment, local sweets and a good warm tea !

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