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Buenos Aires WomenThere is a secret hidden in Buenos Aires. And I am going to give it away for free. The number one attraction of Buenos Aires Argentina is Buenos Aires women. The ratio of women to men here is mroe than most people want to admit. Reason for this is that the women from smaller towns can come to University of Buenos Aires for free, if they test in, and the usually end up staying and getting jobs. Thus the population has shifted to more women than men. The men from the smaller towns and cities in Argentina usually prefer to stay there. If they do go to Buenos Aires, the numbers indicate that they return to their home after college.Whats so great about Argetnina women? If I told you, you would not believe me. You simply must have to see for yourself. They are traditional women, and enjoy traditional conservative roles for the most part. Womens equality was late to arrvie in Argentina with women getting the right to vote in 1952. They can thank Eva Peron for that.

Overall, the clash between the sexes is seldom seen in the relationships of men and women. Argentina women enjoy intense relationships with their friends. An Argentine women cares deeply for her friends and will often view them as family memebers.

However on the street, the copetition amung women is also intense. It is common to stand at a street corner and watch all the women looking at eachother. Sometimes more than the men look at them. And men do look. Old men, young men, boys, fathers, priests, they are all looking, all the time. And how could you not?


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