Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero


buenosaires101.jpgPuerto Madero is a modern neighborhood in Buenos Aires Argentina. The port that we see today was built in 1898 and was designed by a man named Modero. However the port was a failure due to navagation troubles and was abondonded after 30 years of use.

puerto maderoIt was then turned into a warehouse storage space and later offices. Then the restaurants took over and it is now lined with one after another of some of the best Buenos Aires restaurants. There are also excellent hotels here including the Hilton and Fina.

Puerto Madero Puerto Madero is a large area which hosts new high rise construction. There is alos a natrual reserve here that can be hiked in about 2 hours. This area of the city used to be the river. But during the widening of the streets in the late 1800’s, the city dumped debris here. Over time, natrual vegitation grew and the city designated this area an ecological reserve and park. This contributes to many misquitos and also can hurt the air quality of Buenos Aires. Where the city used to receive a fresh breeze from the river, now it stops in the area.

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