The Day Of Buenos Aires Tour

Day Of Buenos Aires Tour

The Day Of Buenos Aires Tour will allow you to see a large portion of the City Of Buenos Aires, and its attractions, in a short period of time. This tour is a private tour with transportation included as well as hotel pick up.

If you would like to combine some of our other tours and create your own day, or if you would like us to create a special day for you, then this tour is perfect.

Possible Attractions For This Tour Include:

1. Puerto Madero

2. Flordia Street

3. The Downtown and Microcentro

4. Ave Nuevo De Julio (widest street in the world)

5. Recoleta Cemetery

6. Caminito

7. San Telmo

8. Tango Lessons

9. Restaurants and Nightlife

10. Recoleta

11. Tango History

12. Argentina History and Govenment

13. Evita Peron

14. Colon Theater

15. The Theater District

The Day Of Buenos Aires Tour is guided in English by professional tour guides living in Buenos Aires.

Prices for this tour will vary depending on where you would like to go and what you would like to see with a minimum of 100 pesos per person. The minimum length for this tour is 4 hours and the maximum is 12 hours.

Please contact us about this tour and we will be happy to arrange it for you.


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