Argentina Worries About Importing Oil

Farm groups cheer the anti horading law however, some analysts questioned the efficacy of a law passed by former president Juan Domingo Perón in 1974, and little used since then.
The head of the FAA farming federation, Eduardo Buzzi said “I’m glad the government announced that it will be applying the law. I discussed this issue with Domestic Trade Secretary Guillermo Moreno last week, so I was glad when he announced it.”
In turn, Luciano Miguens, the head of the powerful Argentine Rural Society, admitted that “there is a shortfall in supply. We have been saying this for some time. We know that imported prices are way above local prices, but that is something the oil companies will have to discuss with the government.
“There is no doubt that there is a shortage of some products in the market at a time when the farm sector needs fuel. The harvest is in full swing and we are really worried,” he told a local radio station.
A third farming leader, Néstor Roulet, who is the vice-president of the Argentine Rural Confederations, said in a radio interview that “the issue is a bit more complicated than importing it; the issue is how do you import it.
“Today you go to a service station and they give you 20 or 30 pesos worth. Farmers are waiting to see whether it will rain or whether there will be diesel fuel, they can’t go on like this,” he emphasized.

This article is taken from The Buenos Aires Herald


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