Buenos Aires Tour Prices

Buenos Aires Tour Prices

Buenos Aires Tour


Buenos Aires Tour prices can range a great deal depending on what your Buenos Aires tours include.


Buenos Aires Tour
The Buenos Aires Walking tours
are the least expensive way to see the city in depth. Currently there are 3 walking tours giuded in English and avilable everyday, if you contact us first. They meet at a specified location. The price is only 30 pesos per person. ($10USD)1

Private Buenos Aires Tours Private Buenos Aires tours, If you would like to take one of the three walking tours privately, the price is 30 pesos per person. (10$USD)

If you would like a 2 hour tour with hotel pick up and drop off, the price is 60 pesos per person. ($20USD)

And for a 4 hour tour of the city inclduing areas of your choice and transportation, the price is 150 pesos per person. ($50USD)


Buenos Aires Nightlife tour The Beunos Aires Nightlife Tour is a great way to get a feel of the city and a good idea about the choices you have for entertainment. Including Tango Show venues, excellent restaurants, culture and history, Tango lessons, Milongas, and much more. It’s a 2 hour tour will all transportation included and covers several areas of the city. The price is $105 pesos per peron. ($35USD)

Buenos Aires Tours The Evening Of Tango Tour includes a 2 hour stroll in the Tango district where Tango was born. Then you will be taken to a special restaurant to enjoy the best steak in Buenos Aires. Then off to a carefully choosen Tango Show to witness the number one attraction in Buenos Aires. This 5 hour tour includes all transportation including holte pick up and drop off as well as your tango show. Additional cost is restaurants fees. The price for this tour is 270 pesos per person. ($90USD)

Special Buenos Aires tour, the day of tango tourFor the Special Day Of Tango Tour which lasts 12 hours and includes a city tour, a tango history tour, 3 different areas of the city, a tango lesson, lunch, dinner, and a tango show, and more, the price is 450 pesos per person. ($150USD)


Please contact us for further information or to reseve your Beunos Aires tour.



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