Buenos Aires Nightclubs

Buenos Aires Nightclubs

Buenos Aires Nightclubs The Buenos Aires Nightclubs are exciting. They usually pack them in on the weekends. The music is usually popular but it varies. Due to last years fire in a popular nightclub killing hundreds of people and causing a few high ranking people to be jailed, many of the Buenos Aires Night Clubs have closed temporaraly. However there are some great ones thriving. Nightclub hours are from 7pm to dawn.

MUSEUM – Located on Defensa near Des Nivel in San Telmo – This is a gigantic discotheque and nightclub that has a large dance floor and great light show. 3 balconies. Wed – Sun begins at 7pm and ends at dawn. Cost varies to about 20 pesos for the door. This place can get busy and wild and sometimes difficult to get a drink. But this is a famous place for locals and you are sure to see true entertainment here.+

Operabay – used to be El Divino in Puerto Madero at the foot o of Jaun D. Perón – A huge place with 3 dance floors with varying music. The best thing about this place is the view of the water and the city lights. From 6pm to 6am. Dress is whatever. Cost is about 10-20 pesos for the door.

Hippopotamus Famous since the late 1970s disco days, Hippopotamus has swayed with the trends and is still a very sophisticated and exclusive club, especially for the thirtysomething crowd. Considering its location in a prime tourist area people from all over the world take to the dance floor for an all night party. The bar offers many varieties of whisky, shots, and cocktails.average cost: 30pesosLunch & Dinner Tu-Sa; Disco: 11pmLOCATION-Junín 1787


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