Buenos Aires Tango Shows

Buenos Aires Tango Show

Buenos Aires Tango Show A trip to the capital of Tango is not complete without a authentic Buenos Aires Tango Show. However they are becomming more numerous with the rise of Tango’s popularity in Argentina. Today, you have many choices for the kind of Tango Show you would like to witness.

There is no one place that is the best. They all offer something different. Which is why it’s good to do a little exploring before you choose your Buenos Aires Tango Show. They range in price and style. The food at these places is usually not the main attraction.

Buenos Aires Tango Show Tip Call ahead to pre book your tickets.

Buenos Aires Nightlife Tour The Buenos Aires Nightlife and Restaurant Tour allows you to actually see the many different restaurants and Tango Show locations before you spend your money there. This is a private tour and also entails the amazing history and cultual of the entertainment district in Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires Nightlife and Restaurant Tour

Buenos Aires Tango Show (Big Production)

Piazzolla Tango is a dinner and a show in an old theater that has just been renovated. The Tango show is in the traditional style and the cost is 200pesos with dinner. 140pesos with just drinks. The theater is beautiful and located on Florida Street. The menu is very simple with a 3 course meal. The portions are small. The later you arrive to the show, the farther back your seats are. Ask about a private balcony seat. The show is very controlled. This is a fantastic show and the sure thing however slighlty tame. (54 11) 4344-8200 LOCATION: Florida 165 / San Martin 170. Galería Güemes. Buenos Aires. República Argentina | info@piazzollatango.com

MichelAngelo This show is located in a fantastic old brick building in San Telmo. The show has three parts and that detail the history of Tango. The cost is $140pesos for drinks and the show. Or $200 pesos for the dinner as well. We strongly advise against the VIP ticket for this show. Make sure you just getting what you asked for. The cast is huge and the costumes are great. An excellent choice is you want a Tango Show that will entertain you. There are special seats available at a higher cost. LOCATION – Balcarce 433 –

Senor Tango This is a beautiful old building turned modern. You can also get dinner here and the menu is good. This is an “over the top” show and you may love it or hate it. Surely the most dramatic Buenos Aire Tango Show available. So if you do not speak English, you will still get alot out of this performance. Take a taxi to this place because it is slighly out of the way. Expect to pay around 150pesos for the diiner and show. LOCATION – Vieytes 1655 in Barracas 4-303-0231

BocaTango This is an interesting Tango experience where you will be picked up at your hotel, taken to La Boca and given a small tour, then dinner and a Tango Show which is more like theater. It is performed in a beautiful building with 20 actors portraying the history of Tango. The cost for Boca Tango is 150pesos. However if you go to the theater and prebuy tickets, it will be less. But it is a good idea to call first. 4302 – 0808. LOCATION – Brandsen 923 near the La Boca Juniors Stadium.

Tanguera This Buenos Aires Tango show is almost like a broadway musical. If you like this style, you will love this show. Locals and tourists both have given this great reviews. The opening introduction is even spoken in English for English speakers. This show is located at Teatro Astral on Corrietes Ave and starts at 9PM. The cost is great comming in at 50pesos.


Buenos Aires Tango Show (Medium Production)

El Viejo Almacén – Indepencia 330 in San Telmo – This Buenos Aires Tango show receives the best reviews. The most tourists will be at this place. The place has ego. Capacity is 240 people making it somewhat intimate. You will have your own table. Dinner and a show is 200pesos. Just a show is 140pesos. They put a lot of effort in the show to make it authentic and entertaining. The dinner is eaten across the street. (Just a tip, often you can save money by eating dinner somewhere else and just going for the show.) From Sunday to Thursday the show begins at 22.00 hs. and from Friday to Saturday there is show at 21.30 and at 23.45 hs http://www.viejo-almacen.com.ar

Taconeando This is one of the less expensive Buenos Aires Tango shows but still a good in with a fine traditional Argentine dinner. The cost is 110 pesos for dinner and the show tells the story of Tango starting when the men used to dance together. A medium sized room and nice decor. LOCATION:in San Telmo Balcarce 725 – (C1064AAO) Capital Federal – Rep. Argentina – TE. (5411) 4307-6696 info@taconeando.com

El Querandí – Peru 302, in San Telmo – Dinner and a Buenos Aires Tango show. Cost of ticket is 125pesos. Included in the price is hotel or hostel pickup, dinner at 8:30 and Tango show at 10:15. Show lasts an hour. Wine is not included. The building is fantastic, built in 1920. The menu is outstanding and diverse. The Tango Show is excellent. Dress nicely. http://www.querandi.com.ar/ 5199-1770

Tango 1921 –Chacabuco 454 in San Telmo- This great place has it all and if you want to get your feet wet with a lesson, then eat and watch the pros all within the setting of the way it was, you have found your spot. The Buenos Aires Tango shows are almost every night and the price can vary. A good idea is to call them first and or check the website. Tango lessons on Friday and Saturday from 5 -7pm. Cost is 30pesos. Private lessons are 125pesos. http://www.tango1921.com/ 4334-2001

Buenos Aires Tango Show (Small and Intimate Production)

Cafe Tortoni Ave De Mayo 825, in the center, 4342 – 4348 – This is a famous cafe and the Tango shows are small and only 25pesos plus food and drink. The shows are in the lower level of this beautiful cafe. It is a good idea to call ahead for reservations and time schedule.


Confiteria Ideal – Suipacha 384 in the Microcentro- This is a famous old hot spot for Tango lessons and deancing and they often have a Buenos Aires Tango show. The club was founded in 1912 and it has been restored to look and feel like that era. It is an older crowd but friendly. Tango classes are available from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 3pm and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 3pm to 9pm Dances are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 3pm to 9pm and on Thursdays from 10 pm to 4 am. Fridays they usually have a show that starts around 8pm. The cost for the class and/or dance is 5 pesos. 5006-4102


The Casa Blanca – Balcarce 668 in San Telmo – They serve dinner along with the Buenos Aires Tango show. Get there at around 8pm. The cost will vary but is medium priced. Dinner is not mandatory. The building and performance are in great décor of the old times. Sophisticated interior to go with a stunning visual stage production. Dress seductively. 4331-4621



36 Billares – Av. De Mayo 1265 in the Center – This is a fantastic old neighborhood restaurant that many famous people have enjoyed throughout history. They have a good menu, excellent service, a tremendous amount of pool tables in the back, and Tango shows as well as local artists that perform a wide range of entertainment. Cost varies but is generally about 50pesos for a 5 course dinner and a show. The Buenos Aires Tango Shows usually begin at about 8:30pm and can last many hours. 4381-5696



Bar Sur This will seem like the most authentic interpretation of the old style Tango. 135pesos gets you a tango show and a bite to eat at this serious tango location. Just the show is 75 pesos. This is a famous place and the decor is old alsmost similar to an old brothel. The Tango show is small and lasts all night long. The food is not the main attraction. Tango shows are from 10pm -3am. LOCATION – Estados Unidos 299 – SAN TELMO – TEL/FAX: 4362-6086

Buenos Aires Tango Show

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The Day Of Tango Tour

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