Argentina maps

Choose from these Argentina Maps.


Argentina maps

map of Argentina

map of Argentina

Here is a map of the most popular Argentina tourist destinations including Igauzu Falls, Bariloche, Mandoza, Mar de Plata, Codoba, Salta, and many others.This map shows where Argentina hotels are most commonly searched. Argentina maps

This is a map of the provinces of Argentina .The Pamapas is the province where Argentina beef is produced. Argentina province maps
On this map you can see where the most populated areas of the country are and where the larger roads can be found.

Argentina maps


Buenos Aires Map and Buenos Aires neighborhood maps

Take a look at these Buenos Aires maps to better understand the city. Buenos Aires Argentina is enromous, one of the biggest cites in the world. It can be very helpful to get an idea of where you are going and where you want to be.

This first Buenos Aires map shows the surrounding suburbs including San Isidro and El Tigre. Look south to find Ezeiza where the airport is.

map of Buenos Aires Argentina
On this map of Buenos Aires you can see the main roads that pass through the 47 different neighborhoods of the capital city of Argentina

Buenos Aires Argentina map
map Buenos Aires
On this city map seen below you can get an idea of the subway (subte). This suwbway is the oldest in South America and a new line cutting across the middle will be added this year.

Buenos Aires subway map
This satelite map of Buenos Aires illistrates the amount of concrete in the city as well as where the river is. You can also view the Recoleta Cemetery.

Buenos Aires satelite picture

La Boca map

This map of Buenos Aires neighborhood La Boca is an interesting barrio famous for the football or soccer played at the stadium. The team is Boca Juniors. La Boca also has the out door museum of Caminito which is very colorful and bohemian as well as artistic. This neighborhood has a bad resputation so be careful. La Boca map

San Telmo map

San Telmo is famous for it’s antique festival on Sunday as well as fantastic architecture and great Tango. You will also find great restaurants and shopping. San Telmo is a designated historical neighborhood in Buenos Aires. San Telmo map in Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero map

This map of Buenos Aires neighborhood Puerto Madero is a new area and filled iwth newly built hig rise condos and fantastic restaurants. There is also the ecological reserve in this Buenos Aires neighborhood which offers fantastic views fo the city. Puerto Madero map

Microcentro map

This Microcenter map (or Microcentro map)illustrates that this is the finacial and business center of Buenos Aires. People also live here but on the weekends, this area of town is quiet. Florida street can be found in this neighborhood. It is famous for shopping, business, restaurants, and theaters. map Buenos Aires microcentro

Congresso Map

This map of Congresso is the center of Buenos Aires. There can be confusion about what to call this neighborhood. Some people say it is Monserat, some say Congresso, some just call it the Center. Whatever you call it, it is filled with history. The Argentina Congress is here, as well as a large Spanish neighborhood, great restaurants, the Palacia Barolo, and the garment district. map Buenos Aires

Recoleta Map

On this Recoleta map you can see the Recoleta Cemetery and how large it is. Recoleta itself is a small neighborhood but packed with the best shopping in Buenos Aires as well as high class restaurants and hotels. There is also excellent nighlife here. Recoleta map

Palermo map

This map of Buenos Aires neighborhood Palermo has become one of the funnest neighborhoods. There is plenty of things to do. Parks, nightlife, shopping, museums, great restaurants, and even horse racing. Easy access with the subway too. Palermo map


1 Response to “Argentina Maps”

  1. 1 Frederick Vollrath May 2, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    My wife and I will be in Buenos Aires for the month of July, along with our seventeeen year old daughter and her friend. The two girls will be staying with us for two days, then they move to a host family as they will be attending a language school in the city. They will stay two days with us on the back end of the trip as well.
    Consequently, we need a 2 bedroom, preferably 2 bath apt. We like the San Telmo area (we were in Buenos Aires for a week a couple of years ago). We have some concern regarding whether the girls could safely go out by themselves in the evening? Also, would my wife be ok by herself?
    We are all experienced travelers and have never had any negative experiences on our sojourns through Egypt, China,Europe. While we were in the San Telmo area previously, it was during the day. Can you tell me if the character changes at night. We have found several nice apartments; we just have some concerns regarding the security. Also, someone sent an email saying there “supermarkets” weren’t close. We don’t know exactly what that means. We don’t need an American style “supermarket” . ON the other hand if we’re renting an apt for a month, we will need toiletries, household items, etc.
    Can you advise how safe the area is and whether there are shops, other than craft and antique stalls, in areas close to Dorrego Square or the park? Thank you for any information you might be able to impart.
    Frederick Vollrath

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