Buenos Aires Weather

Buenos Aires weather
Buenos Aires weather is typically mild all year round however the seasons are felt. Feburary is the warmest month with temps in the 90’s (32). And July is the coolest month with temps in the 40’s (5). It can be humid at times making these temperatures feel more extreme.

If you are considering visiting the city and are worried about the weather, the truth is that there is no bad time of year to be here. Late September and October is the absolute best time for good weather in Buenos Aires. It is spring then and the sky is bright and crisp.

Buenos Aires weather facts: It has only snowed once in 1918. Rainfall per year, averages to be 24 inches or 1000mm. It rarely rains for too long and when it rains, it is rarely a downpour.

Everything here about the weather can be summed up in one word. Mild.

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Current Buenos Aires Weather Conditions

There are misquitos in Buenos Aires that come from the ecological reserve. If you leave your windows open at night, you will eventually hear the sounds of them buzzing around your ear.

The air quality in Buenos Aires can be noticeably unpleasent at times when there is no breeze on a weekday. This is largely due to traffic and narrow streets.

However, on the weekends, the air quailty is amazingly good and especially on Sundays. You can almost smell the Andes mountains on a Sunday morning.

The plants are semi tropical and since it almost never freezes, lots of beautiful varietes are here. The Amazon jungle can be seen along the river banks of the Rio De Plata, and Buenos Aires is situated at the mouth of that river.

Common Buenos Aires trees include, Ceibo, Jackaranda, South American Maple, The Palo Borrocho or the Oak tree, Magnolia, Papaya, and the Gomero tree.

2 Responses to “Buenos Aires Weather”

  1. 1 mohammed November 24, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    how to go to international airport from center city(florida ave.)by subway.thank you

  2. 2 Maurice November 13, 2010 at 12:36 am

    There’s no way to go the International Airport by Subway, however there are special buses and vans connecting downtown with the Airport.

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