San Telmo Tour

San Telmo Tour

The San Telmo Tour in Buenos Aires is visually stunning as well as informative. The neighborhood of San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. At one time the wealthy and elite walked these cobblestone streets. In the late 1800’s yellow fever forced the residents to abondon their dwellings leaving this area to the scoundrals and immagrants or the era.

And it was during this time that Tango was born in the brothels and houses of ill repute that once lined the streets. However in those days, Tango was considered devil’s music and only gansters and lowlife got to enjoy it.

San Telmo Tour San Telmo these days is the most unique area of Buenos Aires and has been preserved for your enjoyment.

It hosts a very special antique market outside on Sundays at Plaza Dorrego. Items dating back to the late 1800’s can be purchased. In fact this entire neighborhood in Buenos Aires is home to some of the most interesting antiques in the world.

Tour of San Telmo Also on the San Telmo tour you will get to view the oldest church in Buenos Aires that is only standing today due to iron supports.

San Telmo hosts fantastic Spanish architecture and patios on every block. Most of the building are almost 200 years old. It is not difficult to imagine what life was like when Buenos Aires was a young port town.

The most popular Buenos Aires Tango shows are located here and on the San Telmo Tour you will get a chance to see for yourself if they are right for you.

San Telmo tours Most of the Buenos Aires nightlife is concentrated in the district and certainly some of the most interesting restaurants and bars are on this tour.

Time – This tour is offered everyday at 5:30pm. Please write to us to make a reservation so a tour guide can meet your there.

Place – The meeting point in on Peru street at Ave De Mayo. (Forida street becomes Peru street at Rivadavia street) Meet at the first tree at this intersection inbetween the bank and the pharmacy. You tour guide will be wearing a black hat.

San Telmo tour

How To Get There – You can walk to Peru and Ave De Mayo from just about anywhere in the downtown area, or you can use the subway Line A and get off at the Peru exit.

Time – This tour is available any day of the week at anytime and will last 2 hours. Please contact us to make your reservation.

Price – The price for this Buenos Aires walking tour in English is only 30 pesos per person. ($10USD). Discounts for groups of 6 or more.

Please contact us to make a reservation or for more information

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  1. 1 lorena vega May 7, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    i would like to make a reservation for this tour, if you can please contact me at 4514 0123 room 301

    thank you

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