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Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Guide

The FREE Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Guide

Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Guide

Before you begin your trip to Argentina there are a few things you might want to know. Starting with Argentina history. This will help you to better understand the environment you will find and what to expect. You may also want a few tips for tourists about what to pack, how much money you might need, and cultural differences. Take a look at all the unique places to travel in Argentina as well as stunning Argentina pictures.


Tango, Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Guide TangoMost trips to Argentina begin in Buenos Aires , the cradle of Tango, where your visit is sure to be unforgetable. This is a romantic South American Metropolis and a unique urban jungle landscape filled with interesting nooks and crannies that can satisfy the pallet of even the most experienced world traveler.

There are so many things to do in Buenos Aires that it’s hard to know where to begin. Which is why we recommend you take a Buenos Aires tour. These can send you off in the right directions and make the most our of your time here. This city is densely stacked with treasures, as well as hectic traffic, making the walking tours an excellent choice.

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina, CongressoCurrently there are 3 daily Buenos Aires walking tours in English. The Buenos Aires City Tour is historic and cultrual and is excellent to get an overview of the main attractions of Buenos Aires. The Recoleta Cemetery is the most visited Cemetery in South America. Host to Eva Peron’s tomb as well and important Argentina legends. To see the Recoleta Cemetery and the elite neighborhood around it, the daily Recoleta and Cemetery Tour combine both. And the San Telmo Tour provides a look at Tango, the old city, and a very unique neighborhood.

We strongly advise everyone to explore the rich Tango culture present in Buenos Aires. You should try to see a Tango show from the numerous venues. Or learn a step or two at a Tango lesson. You may even want to make a day out of it all and take the Day Of Tango Tour.

Don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase for all the supurb shopping in Buenos Aires. And remember that most of it will be a huge bargin due to the devaluation of the Argentina peso.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires is so diverse and interesting that you may want to take a unique Nightlife Tour just to give you the scope of your options. The many excellent restaurants alone, could keep you quite busy, and stuffed, for weeks.

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires Argentina Also on the website is Argentina information and recommendations from people who live here or have visited recently. For example, the best methods to get to and from the Buenos Aires International Airport. Or how to see a La Boca Juniors soccer game. And if you have the time, the best ways to see Iguazu Falls.

This interesting country is also famous for Argentina beef, Argentina wine, Argentina leather and exciting theater. The city architecture here rivals many European cities and is referred to as “Paris in the America’s”. Even better is the warm nature of the Argentine people and old fashion customs they have protected.

Of course we can tell you everything you will need to know about a visit to Argentina, but you still must come experience it for yourself. Please contact us about the many private tours we can offer guided in English. And do not hesitate to contact us about any questions you have about traveling to Argentina.

Enjoy this free Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Guide and write to me to tell me what you thought about it.

Buenos Aires Argentina Travel Guide

See You In Argentina!!!!

Buenos Aires Bars

Buenos Aires Bars

Buenos Aires Bars


There really are some fantastic Buenos Aires Bars. And most of them are very spread out. But here we have compiled a list for you to choose your watering hole from.


Some things you might want to know about Buenos Aires bars.

Generally, the beer selection will be small and contain Quilmes, Izenbec, and Warsteiner and Heiniken if your lucky. However they can make your favorite cocktail.

There is always great red wine to choose from and the markup is over 50%.

Juke Boxes require a fecha, or a pre paid coin. They can be about 50 centavos per song.

Pool tables can be found in bars that are designed for pool tables. There are about a dozen great pool halls in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Bar hours usually last until the sun comes up and open at 7pm.

For any additonal questions about Buenos Aires Nightlife, contact us.


Enjoy These Buenos Aires Bars

TAZZ – Serrano 1556 – This bar is located in the exciting area of Plaza Serrano in the Palermo Hollywood district. This bar always has a tremendous amount of young people, many whom speak different languages. The music is fashion. This bar is actually a clothes shop during the day and bar at night. Great pool tables if you can get one. On busy nights, they may charge you 10pesos or more to get in. A good place to see and be seen. You can not go wrong here.

The Kilkenny -corner of Reconquista and Paraguay in the Center– This is an Irish pub and always busy. It has become very famous and packed. At 6pm its cocktail hour for the local businessmen, after 11pm the cost is 10 pesos if you are male. A great place to meet fun people and sometimes there is alive band.

La Cigale Avenida 25 de Mayo 722 in the MicroCenter – A hip and trendy bar with interesting drinks and a great looking crowd. Sometimes a DJ and sometimes a band. The best band I have seen in Buenos Aires was here. The door man may give you trouble but just pretend like you want to go somewhere else and he will let you in.

Deep Blue – Ayacucho 1240 in Recoleta- There are two locations and I recommend the one in Recoleta. This is a great upper scale fun bar decorated in a fashion district manner. The pool tables are supurb and there is an upstairs and courtyard worth seeing. Deep blue is a little pricy but I have never had a bad time there. The food is nice and there is a tap at each table.

Thelonious Club This bar in Palermo is great for live music especially jazz and blues however check first because it is not everynight. A New Orleans motif. LOCATION – Salguero 1884Palermo – tel: (54-11) 4829-1562


La Academia This neighborhood bar in Recoleta is the perfect place for all night pool. There are plenty of pool tables in a dark large room. You will never know the sun has risen. Somettimes it can be a tough crowd but always an interesting one. LOCATION – Callao 368

for more information about Buenos Aires bars please write to me at:

Buenos Aires Nightclubs

Buenos Aires Nightclubs

Buenos Aires Nightclubs The Buenos Aires Nightclubs are exciting. They usually pack them in on the weekends. The music is usually popular but it varies. Due to last years fire in a popular nightclub killing hundreds of people and causing a few high ranking people to be jailed, many of the Buenos Aires Night Clubs have closed temporaraly. However there are some great ones thriving. Nightclub hours are from 7pm to dawn.

MUSEUM – Located on Defensa near Des Nivel in San Telmo – This is a gigantic discotheque and nightclub that has a large dance floor and great light show. 3 balconies. Wed – Sun begins at 7pm and ends at dawn. Cost varies to about 20 pesos for the door. This place can get busy and wild and sometimes difficult to get a drink. But this is a famous place for locals and you are sure to see true entertainment here.+

Operabay – used to be El Divino in Puerto Madero at the foot o of Jaun D. Perón – A huge place with 3 dance floors with varying music. The best thing about this place is the view of the water and the city lights. From 6pm to 6am. Dress is whatever. Cost is about 10-20 pesos for the door.

Hippopotamus Famous since the late 1970s disco days, Hippopotamus has swayed with the trends and is still a very sophisticated and exclusive club, especially for the thirtysomething crowd. Considering its location in a prime tourist area people from all over the world take to the dance floor for an all night party. The bar offers many varieties of whisky, shots, and cocktails.average cost: 30pesosLunch & Dinner Tu-Sa; Disco: 11pmLOCATION-Junín 1787

Buenos Aires Tango Shows

Buenos Aires Tango Show

Buenos Aires Tango Show A trip to the capital of Tango is not complete without a authentic Buenos Aires Tango Show. However they are becomming more numerous with the rise of Tango’s popularity in Argentina. Today, you have many choices for the kind of Tango Show you would like to witness.

There is no one place that is the best. They all offer something different. Which is why it’s good to do a little exploring before you choose your Buenos Aires Tango Show. They range in price and style. The food at these places is usually not the main attraction.

Buenos Aires Tango Show Tip Call ahead to pre book your tickets.

Buenos Aires Nightlife Tour The Buenos Aires Nightlife and Restaurant Tour allows you to actually see the many different restaurants and Tango Show locations before you spend your money there. This is a private tour and also entails the amazing history and cultual of the entertainment district in Buenos Aires. The Buenos Aires Nightlife and Restaurant Tour

Buenos Aires Tango Show (Big Production)

Piazzolla Tango is a dinner and a show in an old theater that has just been renovated. The Tango show is in the traditional style and the cost is 200pesos with dinner. 140pesos with just drinks. The theater is beautiful and located on Florida Street. The menu is very simple with a 3 course meal. The portions are small. The later you arrive to the show, the farther back your seats are. Ask about a private balcony seat. The show is very controlled. This is a fantastic show and the sure thing however slighlty tame. (54 11) 4344-8200 LOCATION: Florida 165 / San Martin 170. Galería Güemes. Buenos Aires. República Argentina |

MichelAngelo This show is located in a fantastic old brick building in San Telmo. The show has three parts and that detail the history of Tango. The cost is $140pesos for drinks and the show. Or $200 pesos for the dinner as well. We strongly advise against the VIP ticket for this show. Make sure you just getting what you asked for. The cast is huge and the costumes are great. An excellent choice is you want a Tango Show that will entertain you. There are special seats available at a higher cost. LOCATION – Balcarce 433 –

Senor Tango This is a beautiful old building turned modern. You can also get dinner here and the menu is good. This is an “over the top” show and you may love it or hate it. Surely the most dramatic Buenos Aire Tango Show available. So if you do not speak English, you will still get alot out of this performance. Take a taxi to this place because it is slighly out of the way. Expect to pay around 150pesos for the diiner and show. LOCATION – Vieytes 1655 in Barracas 4-303-0231

BocaTango This is an interesting Tango experience where you will be picked up at your hotel, taken to La Boca and given a small tour, then dinner and a Tango Show which is more like theater. It is performed in a beautiful building with 20 actors portraying the history of Tango. The cost for Boca Tango is 150pesos. However if you go to the theater and prebuy tickets, it will be less. But it is a good idea to call first. 4302 – 0808. LOCATION – Brandsen 923 near the La Boca Juniors Stadium.

Tanguera This Buenos Aires Tango show is almost like a broadway musical. If you like this style, you will love this show. Locals and tourists both have given this great reviews. The opening introduction is even spoken in English for English speakers. This show is located at Teatro Astral on Corrietes Ave and starts at 9PM. The cost is great comming in at 50pesos.


Buenos Aires Tango Show (Medium Production)

El Viejo Almacén – Indepencia 330 in San Telmo – This Buenos Aires Tango show receives the best reviews. The most tourists will be at this place. The place has ego. Capacity is 240 people making it somewhat intimate. You will have your own table. Dinner and a show is 200pesos. Just a show is 140pesos. They put a lot of effort in the show to make it authentic and entertaining. The dinner is eaten across the street. (Just a tip, often you can save money by eating dinner somewhere else and just going for the show.) From Sunday to Thursday the show begins at 22.00 hs. and from Friday to Saturday there is show at 21.30 and at 23.45 hs

Taconeando This is one of the less expensive Buenos Aires Tango shows but still a good in with a fine traditional Argentine dinner. The cost is 110 pesos for dinner and the show tells the story of Tango starting when the men used to dance together. A medium sized room and nice decor. LOCATION:in San Telmo Balcarce 725 – (C1064AAO) Capital Federal – Rep. Argentina – TE. (5411) 4307-6696

El Querandí – Peru 302, in San Telmo – Dinner and a Buenos Aires Tango show. Cost of ticket is 125pesos. Included in the price is hotel or hostel pickup, dinner at 8:30 and Tango show at 10:15. Show lasts an hour. Wine is not included. The building is fantastic, built in 1920. The menu is outstanding and diverse. The Tango Show is excellent. Dress nicely. 5199-1770

Tango 1921 –Chacabuco 454 in San Telmo- This great place has it all and if you want to get your feet wet with a lesson, then eat and watch the pros all within the setting of the way it was, you have found your spot. The Buenos Aires Tango shows are almost every night and the price can vary. A good idea is to call them first and or check the website. Tango lessons on Friday and Saturday from 5 -7pm. Cost is 30pesos. Private lessons are 125pesos. 4334-2001

Buenos Aires Tango Show (Small and Intimate Production)

Cafe Tortoni Ave De Mayo 825, in the center, 4342 – 4348 – This is a famous cafe and the Tango shows are small and only 25pesos plus food and drink. The shows are in the lower level of this beautiful cafe. It is a good idea to call ahead for reservations and time schedule.


Confiteria Ideal – Suipacha 384 in the Microcentro- This is a famous old hot spot for Tango lessons and deancing and they often have a Buenos Aires Tango show. The club was founded in 1912 and it has been restored to look and feel like that era. It is an older crowd but friendly. Tango classes are available from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 3pm and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 3pm to 9pm Dances are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 3pm to 9pm and on Thursdays from 10 pm to 4 am. Fridays they usually have a show that starts around 8pm. The cost for the class and/or dance is 5 pesos. 5006-4102


The Casa Blanca – Balcarce 668 in San Telmo – They serve dinner along with the Buenos Aires Tango show. Get there at around 8pm. The cost will vary but is medium priced. Dinner is not mandatory. The building and performance are in great décor of the old times. Sophisticated interior to go with a stunning visual stage production. Dress seductively. 4331-4621



36 Billares – Av. De Mayo 1265 in the Center – This is a fantastic old neighborhood restaurant that many famous people have enjoyed throughout history. They have a good menu, excellent service, a tremendous amount of pool tables in the back, and Tango shows as well as local artists that perform a wide range of entertainment. Cost varies but is generally about 50pesos for a 5 course dinner and a show. The Buenos Aires Tango Shows usually begin at about 8:30pm and can last many hours. 4381-5696



Bar Sur This will seem like the most authentic interpretation of the old style Tango. 135pesos gets you a tango show and a bite to eat at this serious tango location. Just the show is 75 pesos. This is a famous place and the decor is old alsmost similar to an old brothel. The Tango show is small and lasts all night long. The food is not the main attraction. Tango shows are from 10pm -3am. LOCATION – Estados Unidos 299 – SAN TELMO – TEL/FAX: 4362-6086

Buenos Aires Tango Show

The Day Of Tango Tour is an exclusive and private tour desinged to get the most out of a day in Buenos Aires Argentina. On this exciting tour you will get a chance to take Tango lessons, go Tango shopping, watch modern Tango danceing as well as view a Buenos Aires Tango Show with dinner. City attractions and points of interest are also included on these Buenos Aires Tours.

The Day Of Tango Tour

Contact about a Buenos Aires Tango Show or any other questions you might have about Buenos Aires Argentina. We would be happy to make a reservation at one of these, or other tango shows. Please write to us and ask about

Buenos Aires Walking Tours In English

Buenos Aires Walking Tours in English

Buenos aires Walknig Tours

Allow us to guide you through the amazing city of Buenos Aires on one of the best Buenos Aires walking tours in English.

Buenos Aires walking tours This fascintaing city is a tresure trove of sculptures and unique architecture that can be only truly discovered on a leisurely walking tour.

Buenos aires walking tour Turn back the hands of time to reveal why this city was once an evny of the world and why you see the condition of it today.

Buenos Aires walking tou The most econimic and intelligent way to get the most out of your trip to the land of Tango is to begin with a cultrual and historic walking tour. These Buenos Aires walking tours will send you off in the right directions and answer any questions you might have.

Buenos aires tours Grant yourself the freedom to explore this vast urban landscape with professional guides who live here and can point out the best Buenos Aires attractions. Leaving you free to simply take pictures and enjoy yourself.

Currently there are 3 daily Buenos Aires walking tours guided in English.

The Daily Recoleta/Cemetery Tour The Daily City Tour.

The San Telmo Tour

These walking tours are filled with useful information, entertaining history and attractions. They are offered daily at the price of 20 pesos per person for the group rate, or 30 pesos per person for a private tour.



Please contact us about any questions you have about these walking tours in Buenos Aires.

The Buenos Aires Nightlife And Restaurant Tour

Buenos Aires Nightlife Tour

Buenos Aires nightlife

On the Buenos Aires Nightlife Tour, you will discover the best places for:



A Buenos Aires Tango show.

You will also be exposed to the more famous Buenos Aires restaurants where you can view the menu for yourself.

You will also be guided to some great bars and fantastic Buenos Aires nightlife hot spots.

As well as hearning about the tango history and cultural interest.

You may also wish to sample a drink along the way.

Also included in this Buenos Aires tour is good hotel recommendations, Tango lesson locations, and Buenos Aires history.

The tour is given in English by professional tour guides living in the city.

The Buenos Aires Nightlife tour is a 2 hour tour through several entertainment districts where most of the nightlife is centered.

Hotel pick up and drop off as well as all transportation is included in the price.

This is a private Buenos Aires tour and cost is 105pesos or ($35USD)per person.

To make a reservervation or for more information, please make contact by writing to me at:

The Evening Of Tango Tour

The Evening Of Tango Tour

Evening of Tango Tour On The Evening Of Tango Tour you will begin with a gentle stroll through cobblestone streets in the most fascinating and unique neighborhood in Buenos Aires. On this tour you will discover Tango history and learn how the dance began and where it began and why. You will see how the City itself helped shape this unique art form that we enjoy today.

Currently in Buenos Aires, Tango is enjoying a comeback. On the Evening of Tango Tour you will experience the current Tango culture, the thriving Buenos Aires nightlife, and become informed about various Tango hotspots.

Also on this tour, you will be exposed to excellent antique shopping areas and places of historical interest.

After your 2 hour walk through the birthplace of Tango, you will be taken to a carefully choosen Tango Dinner to dine.

And after dinner, you will be witness to the best Buenos Aires Tango Show available. Within the Tango Show, you will see the recreation of how the dance began, how it evolved, and the state of the art form today. It has been well preserved here in Buenos Aires and only here can you get Tango in its authentic form.

The price of this private Evening Of Tango Tour is 270 pesos per person. ($90USD) Which includes hotel pick up and drop off within the city center, transportation, tour and tango show. Price does not include restaurant fees.

Please contact us to book this tour and mention your interest in the Evening Of Tango Tour.

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Tom Wick is an American expat living in Buenos Aires. An expert travel consultant and tour guide offering free travel inforamtion and private guided tours of Buenos Aires.

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