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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires nightlife, Buenos Aires ArgentinaBuenos Aires nightlife is what you would expect from a large South American City. It’s diverse and excellent and lasts all night long. About 2 years ago there was a tragedy at one of the nightclubs and 200 young people died in a fire. Since then, many of the places that hold live music have closed. It’s hard to find good live music anywhere in the city right now. Sometimes you will find tango musicians preforming in a bar, or variety shows with many talents. And they are very good.

There are over 100 tango shows each night in Buenos Aires that range a great deal in style. Many are worth seeing however the dinners served at these places are famous for being bad. But the shows are certainly something to see. Click here for more information about Buenos Aires Tango Shows.

There are several large disco-techs that are always packed with young people and amazing dancers. Click here for more info about Buenos Aires nightclubs.

And Buenos Aires nightlife is filled with beautiful people, and great neighborhood bars. Some of the areas to venture out to are San Telmo, Recoleta, and Palermo. Click here for more information about Buenos Aires neighborhood bars.

Recently I discovered that prostitution is legal in Buenos Aires. One night while in Recoleta, near the cemetery, I came across the strip clubs of Buenos Aires. There are about 8 of them that center on the corner of Vincente Lopez and Azcuenaga. The bouncers are very aggressive about getting you inside and I stopped and talked to one that spoke English. The cost for these Buenos Aires strip clubs are 30 pesos to enter and this will get you 2 drinks.

On a Friday or Saturday night in Buenos Aires, you can expect the bars to stay open all night long. Mondays are the slowest nights. Typically, the Portenos of Buenos Aires are not heavy drinkers. All things in moderation here. But they do know how to have a great night. There is no doubt that anyone who wants to enjoy themselves can do so with ease within the Buenos Aires nightlife.

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